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Group video chat: which service should you choose?

People love to communicate, but what if you are miles apart with the desired interlocutor?Test results from five multi-user video chat services will help you create your own virtual club to chat with friends on the web.The quality and convenience of video chat services are influenced by many factors, from the available bandwidth to the quality of the participants' webcams.Two desktops, two Windows laptops and one MacBook were used for testing.Computers were connected to the Network via Ethernet, laptops were connected via wireless.The testing took into account how easy it is to install and use a particular service and whether they have additional functions.

Google HangoutsInstallationTo use Google Hangouts, you need a Google+ account.You will also need to install a browser plug-in compatible with Windows XP and above, Mac OS X 10.5 and above, or Linux.The video chat is logged in from your Google+ page.On the right you will find the Start Video Call button.Clicking it will take you first to a test page where Google will activate your webcam and microphone.At this stage, none of your friends can see you yet.

During a video meeting, you can watch YouTube videos

The test page has a block from which you can select “circles” (or groups of friends) that will be informed about the video chat. When the video chat starts, any user included in the selected "circle" will be able to see it and, if desired, join the conversation.To start chatting, click the Join button and go to the video meeting room. You can invite other users to participate in the conversation by typing their Gmail addresses in the bar on the left. Up to 10 people can take part in the video conference.

Video interface and qualityDuring the conversation, the speaker will be displayed in a large window, and all other participants - in the small windows below. This display format assumes civilized communication. If two people speak at the same time at approximately the same volume, Google Hangouts will select only one of them, which will be displayed in the center. However, if the choice of Google does not suit you, you can independently choose which of the participants will be displayed in the center of the window.As the experiment showed, when a video conference brings together more than five participants, the video can slow down, and sometimes the picture becomes frankly low-quality. The voice is also distorted sometimes, but in general the quality of both video and sound is quite high.

Additional FeaturesIn addition to video streaming, Google Hangouts offers several other features. The large button below the video windows allows you to send a group text message. But in the main video chat window, the information that someone from the participants sent a text message is not displayed. The rest of the users, at their discretion, press the "Chat" button to read the correspondence.An important feature is the ability to activate YouTube using the button in the bottom toolbar. It allows you to find a video that will be displayed on the home screen throughout the conference. During video playback, Hangouts will automatically mute your microphone so your voice is not broadcast over the video in the background. But if you still need to speak, the Push to Talk button will come to the rescue, which will reduce the video volume and turn on your microphone.

FunctionalityNotebook owners are advised to use this solution only for short video conferences, as long-term ones cause noticeable overheating of laptop computers. Google Hangouts, on the other hand, is a great tool for small group video communication, but to use it, everyone must have a Google account.

Skype PremiumInstallationTo conduct a group video conferencing in Skype, you need a Skype Premium account with a subscription fee of $ 9 / month (one-day premium access can be purchased for $ 5).By setting up a video conference, the owner of the premium account can join other Skype users to it, regardless of which account they are using - paid or free.If the conference organizer leaves the group chat, the session ends for all participants.

Skype Premium

Both free and paid versions of Skype require registration with the service and installation of a video client application on the computer. Thus, this is not the best option if the video conference needs to be organized quickly. Once logged into your account, you can search for friends via Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, or by your Skype nickname. Skype Premium allows you to connect to a video conference up to 24 participants. To activate the video chat, you must use the latest version of the program.

Video interface and qualityIn general, the quality of video and audio transmitted by Skype deserves the highest praise. The video transmission quality is comparable to that demonstrated by Google Hangouts: mostly good and clear, with minimal delays. Sometimes the video stream freezes and the problem grows as the video conference progresses. Sound quality was slightly better than Google. New participants were displayed on smaller screens, but clicking on the desired screen zooms in on a particular participant.Webcam quality is much more important for Skype Premium than for Google Hangouts. The test used two 720p HD webcams connected to desktops and a MacBook with a built-in iSight webcam. The contrast in resolution for Skype for iSight and for HD webcams was impressive. Connecting the same three cameras to Google Hangouts did not make such a significant difference in quality, although the image from iSight turned out to be clearer.

Additional FeaturesSkype has several useful additional features built into the group video service. Video conference participants can send text messages to the chat, which will be displayed in a special window under the video. When one of the participants writes a text message, the other participants will see a small red circle on the chat icon, signaling that a new message has arrived. It is also possible to send messages to a group video conference via SMS, but this function requires additional payment.In addition, you can send files (images, MP3) to other conference participants via Skype. This is done through the main window, which is very convenient, since you do not need to open a browser or email client to send files to a group.

FunctionalityVideo conferencing in Skype Premium is paid and requires more software to be installed than other services.Voice quality is not the best among the five services tested, and video quality is no better than the free Google Hangouts service.

TinychatInstallsTinychat, a browser-based video chat service.In this case, you don't need to install anything - you just need to organize your own chat room or join existing ones.The Tinychat service is free with banner ads.


If you decide to set up your own chat room, Tinychat will guide you through several sub-windows to help you choose your webcam and microphone, and will prompt you to choose between microphone or Push to Talk. In the latter case, the microphone will be active only when this button is held down.It's easy to invite others to video chat. To do this, use the Share button located above the chat window. Tinychat will generate a URL that can be sent to everyone. You can access your Tinychat group through your Facebook, Twitter account or anonymously as a guest. New guests will be able to see the video chat, but to add their own video stream to the chat room, they will need to click the Start Broadcasting button.

Video interface and qualityIn Tinychat, you can organize up to 12 broadcasts, but the number of viewers is unlimited.The video quality on Tinychat is good, but the audio quality is poor.Loud background noises are especially unpleasant.Voices sound too harsh and slightly distorted compared to Hangouts and Skype.There are interruptions in audio and video for several seconds, as well as a delay in the video stream, after which a browser restart is required.

Additional FeaturesThe most interesting feature of Tinychat is EtherPad Lite (you can launch it by clicking on the icon with a piece of paper under the video window).In this block, each participant in the video conference can take notes, which makes it easier to work with documents together.Moreover, the notes of any of the participants will be displayed in a separate color.

FunctionalityFor lengthy discussions, Tinychat is far from the best option.But it can be a good solution if you need to quickly gather people for a video conference.Also, this service is suitable for collaborative work on projects that require more writing than talking.

AIM AVInstallationAIM 's new AV service reflects AOL's commitment to remain competitive in the video conferencing industry.The company has developed an easy and convenient way to communicate with small groups of up to four users.

AV video chat

Starting a conversation is extremely simple: just confirm that you are over 13 years old, and AV will give you access to the chat. After that, the system will generate a URL that needs to be communicated to future interlocutors. Early Mac users may be prompted to install a version of Adobe Flash that is compatible with Mac OS 10.6 or higher. For the rest, it is most likely already installed, so there is no need to download and install additional software. In addition, you will not need to register with the service and provide AIM with personal information.

Video interface and qualityIn our experiment with AV, video performed much worse than in other services.The video stream often froze, although the audio transmission was excellent.Service reboot also gave nothing.Moreover, after reloading the chat room, three participants were found, although only two were involved in the experiment.

Additional featuresThey are quite modest - text chat and the ability to take screenshots of a video conference.

FunctionalityAV quality is not suitable for professional interviews or business conferences. However, AV can be a simple and intuitive solution for communicating with a small group of up to four people, or for quickly organizing video calls without installing additional software. For example, it makes it easy to communicate with relatives or acquaintances who are not burdened with broad technical knowledge.

AnyMeetingInstallationThe completely free service AnyMeeting allows you to connect up to six people simultaneously to an active video chat.At the same time, up to 200 people can participate in the videoconference as spectators.To start chatting, only one user must be registered with the service (usually the chat organizer).To invite participants, just click Start Webinar, and after clicking on the Start mic & cam button located on the lower Toolbar, the video conference will start. \

AnyMeeting video chat

Initially, AnyMeeting will display a preparation window.After giving your look the finishing touches, press the I'm ready button and you will find yourself in the video conference room.

Video Interface and QualityAnyMeeting is another service that doesn't work well on older Macs. Like AV, it requires Adobe Flash to be installed for Mac OS 10.6 or higher. But the game is worth the candle: the quality and accuracy of video transmission is not inferior to that provided by Google Hangouts or Skype. The quality of video and voice transmission is quite good, without excessive "metallicity" and distortion.

Additional FeaturesAnyMeeting is rich in additional features. You can showcase screens for presentations, post conference information, or use the "meeting by phone" feature so that those who do not currently have access to a computer can follow the development of events. The conference organizer will see a list of attendees, and attendees will be able to select an icon from the My mood menu that matches their attitude. In addition, text chat, video and audio can be turned off or made available.

FunctionalityFor friends or family communication, this service is too overloaded with functions, but great for business meetings and presentations.And here its most important advantage is that only the organizer of the conference should register in it.The rest of the participants enter the chat room by simply entering the email address to which the invitation was sent to them.

The best choiceSo what is the best service?We think his choice depends on your current goals.Google Hangouts and Skype are two of the most popular and feature rich services.They are best for relatively small groups, all of which have Google or Skype accounts.Hangouts is completely free, but if voice quality is important to you, Skype should be preferred.Tinychat or AV from AIM can be a good choice if you have a limited time and urgently need chat without installing any software first. Members will have access to it by simply clicking on the URL sent to them, in addition, both services are completely free. Tinychat is more suitable for those who are more interested in collaborating on documents, rather than voice communication. And the AV service is preferable for communicating with relatives and friends, who do not even have to register in it. Finally, AnyMeeting offers an excellent platform for large business conferences, as up to 200 people can view a video presentation at the same time. Moreover, only the organizer of the conference should register with the service provider. Additional features further enhance business opportunities,but will be clearly superfluous when communicating with friends or family.

What is video chat for?

Since a person is a social being, communication plays a very significant role in his life.From time to time, even the most reserved person needs to talk to someone.In addition, without effective and high-quality negotiations, it is impossible to resolve any work and business issues.

For many centuries, people have been actively meeting with their friends and acquaintances on the subject of communication, and also solve all their questions in the process of communication.But modern reality is such that it often turns out to be quite difficult for us to find time to make an appointment, appear at it and talk about a particular topic with the interlocutor we are interested in.

Fortunately, after the Internet entered our daily life firmly and seriously, most of our communication has moved to virtual reality.We correspond with friends on social networks, send emails to our partners and colleagues.

Recently, a new possibility of communication via the Internet has appeared, which is available to everyone who has a webcam and is connected to a normal high-speed Internet without traffic limit.

Online video calling is currently offered by many sites on the Web.All that remains for the user is to make a choice in favor of one of them.Noteworthy, for example, is the online video chat service

The resource has a convenient and intuitive interface, besides, it is completely free, which is very significant for most users ..

Online video chat allows you to conduct not only dialogues with the interlocutor, but also to conduct conversations with a large number of people at once in conference mode.Thanks to the latter feature, many companies use video chats to hold meetings with their remote offices and divisions.

As the name suggests, video chat is the ability to conduct a conversation in video format.In other words, you not only hear your interlocutor, but also see him through a video camera.

The high demand for online video chats in general, and the service in particular, is largely due to the fact that online video communication provides great opportunities for expressing emotions.Well, especially active communication will not hurt your fingers, as it often happens if the conversation is in the correspondence mode.

But online video communication is gaining more and more popularity not for friendly, but for business communication.Moreover, it is very convenient.So, for example, a manager who is on a business trip or on vacation can easily control the work in his organization.Yes, and subordinates, if necessary, have the opportunity to consult with him on any significant issue.

If we summarize all the main advantages of using video chat, then, first of all, the following important points should be noted:

- the possibility of prompt decision-making;

- a significant increase in labor productivity;

- the possibility of obtaining expert assistance;

- saving financial resources;

If you have never had to use the format of online communication through a video camera before, we strongly recommend that you try.You will surely not be disappointed. Microsoft Teams video chat will place participants in one virtual space

Microsoft has announced a major update to its Teams video conferencing service.One of the main innovations was the introduction of the new Together Mode - it was developed from the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic especially for those who work and study remotely.

The mode creates the feeling that all meeting participants are in the same digital room.AI-based segmentation technology moves the participant's avatar to the general background.It can look, for example, like a classroom, where 49 people can gather at once.For round tables and workshops, other backgrounds are also provided.

Together Mode is currently in beta and the company promises to release it to all Teams users in August.Filters for videos will also be available in Teams.In the preview room, the user can select a filter to adjust the lighting level and soften the focus of the camera before joining the meeting.You can, for example, choose to blur the background behind your back.

Another update is Dynamic View.As Microsoft said, it became possible to show materials for collaboration and the meeting participants themselves on the same screen.Access to chat messages has also been updated.All of these messages sent during a Microsoft Teams meeting will appear on everyone's screens without having to open the chat panel separately.

And one more innovation - subtitles with translation.Participants will have access to a service that translates speech from other languages ​​in real time.And, therefore, conferences will allow people who do not speak the same language to communicate with each other.Later this year, Microsoft is promising to add text transcripts of the meetings, which will allow you to record what was said.After the meeting, the full transcript file will be automatically saved in the chat tab for that meeting.

Microsoft says Teams will soon be able to support up to 1,000 meeting attendees, as well as 20,000 people when it comes to viewing presentations or discussions.For the mobile app, the company promises to bring support for the Cortana digital assistant.It will help you make contactless calls to a particular person, connect the user to a scheduled meeting, dictate messages and send them, as well as the necessary files in the conference chat.

New in Jivo: video chat, account statistics and new providers for chatbots

We have prepared several useful innovations that will simplify work with Jivo and help increase sales.

Work with clients via video chat

Together with VideoForce, we have prepared a solution that will allow you to stand out from the competition - now you can work with clients of the site via video communication, just as it happens in person.

Use the promo codeVF2022until 03/01/2022 and get free 30 days of access to the full set of VideoForce functions.

Analyze statistics in the "Account Status" section

Now in the section "Account Status" you can collect and compare data for any period of time.Here you can also see information on dialogs and calls with configured filters.

Analyze the statistics and decide how to improve these indicators.

Connect chatbots through new providers

We continue to expand the list of partners through which you can create your own chatbot.This time we have established integration with and Metabot services.

A chatbot can help reduce support load and increase sales.With the help of the and Metabot services, you can independently configure the bot, add your own or use ready-made scripts, and connect it to Jivo.

Benefits of Metabot- Constructor based on both scripting and speech recognition (NLU with Dialogflow)

- Built-in database for collecting questionnaires and surveys

- Advanced client properties, automatic tagging and parameter assignment

- Triggers for delayed start of scripts and creation of autofunnels

- Tools for integration with external API

- Built-in store in the bot

- Built-in scripting language

- Installation in the cloud or on servers

Cost: free (up to 100 users per month), from 1000 rubles per month for each new user

Dahi Benefits- For Small and Medium Businesses

- Interface in English and Turkish.Russian is supported in bot dialogs.

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Decision of the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) of November 27, 2022 EL No. FS 77-79546

Founder: JSC "Business News Media"

And about.Editor-in-Chief: Kazmina Irina Sergeevna

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Asian-Pacific Bank invites to the video chat "The impact of the pandemic on the international stock and foreign exchange markets" in Telegram on December 17 at 12:00

Over the past two years, there have been global changes in the stock markets.The pandemic continues to affect global politics and economics.How is the financial community responding to the coronavirus crisis?What are the options for the development of events?What's in store for world currencies?

On December 17, at 12:00 Moscow time, the Telegram channel of the Asia-Pacific Bank will host a video chat webinar on the topic "The impact of the pandemic on international stock and foreign exchange markets."

Vladimir Burdenko, Head of the Investment Banking Directorate of the Asia-Pacific Bank, will talk about how the world economy behaved during the COVID-19 pandemic, about the reaction of the monetary authorities to the need to adapt to new conditions and about what will change in the financial markets in the near future ...

Russian video chat, free

With all kinds of people.Online broadcasts are configured in such a way that it is easy and pleasant to do it.You connect and immediately get to the interlocutor.If you like it - you get to know each other, if you don't like it - you press the button and you have a new face in front of you.


Cheerful chatter, non-binding flirtation, discussions of new films and fashion trends, and sometimes long midnight conversations “for life”.In general, whatever mood you have today, you will definitely catch your wave here.

We are friends :)

Yes, it happens with us.And quite often.You see, communication on the Internet is much more honest than in real life.Here you can be yourself and not adapt to anyone.This means that it is easier to discern a person who is close to you in spirit.

Who is with us?


You can customize your search by hair color, breast size and borscht cooking skill.Fine, fine.We were joking) But our girls are really cool.Look for yourself, this is a VIDEO chat.


There are different.Brunettes, blondes, redheads.Sportsmen, musicians, stylists.Lawyers, programmers, military.Businessmen, managers and workers.Sorry, there are no princes on a white horse.But we are looking :)


Seriously, this kind of footage comes across sometimes!They play the guitar, sing songs and perform beatboxes.Don't be shy either.Show the world your talent.Who knows, maybe the producers are hanging here too)


Here we celebrate birthdays and organize "theme parties" and even root for their favorite football team together.Join us!After all, having fun is much more fun in a large company.

They want to meet you!Write to them as soon as possible!

We created this video chat so that people from all over the world could meet and have a good time.Our priority is mutual respect for all chat participants.It excludes such concepts as swearing, obscenities, insults and humiliation of human dignity.All this is declared in the rules of using our resource.Please read them carefully before you start your first broadcast.

Q: Is this video chat only for all ages?

A: Not only adults communicate here, but children are strictly forbidden to get involved in the conversation.

Q: Only polite communication!

A: Please be polite and considerate in our video chat!And they will be with you as well!

Q: Are we for a polite and pleasant communication?

A: It is not accepted to be rude and sort things out here.Moreover, to use foul language.Any obscene language is prohibited.Have respect for yourself and others.

Q: Extremists, terrorists and other militant fanatics - go through the forest !?

A: We communicate with people of different nationalities, races and religious denominations.And, oddly enough, they find a common language among themselves.Therefore, if someone annoys you, just switch to another interlocutor.

Q: It is strictly forbidden to broadcast other people's photos, videos and contact information to the chat?

A: You cannot post confidential information of third parties to the public.This restriction is lifted only if you witness some kind of crime.

Q: Is video chat not a place to advertise?

A: Offer your goods and services on dedicated resources.By the way, it is also prohibited to advertise other sites.

In our video chat, you can communicate without registration, but this does not mean that we will not be able to track criminals and offenders.On the site, we reserve the right to automatically record all user broadcasts, therefore, if necessary, it will not be difficult to find and punish the offender.Still have questions?Do you have any suggestions to improve the work of our video chat?Contacts for communication with the administration are below.

How to create a group video chat on WhatsApp

The latest update to WhatsApp brings a long-awaited feature: the ability to create group audio and video chats.How to start a video conference in WhatsApp or call several people at once, we will tell you in our article.

How WhatsApp Group Calls Work

While this function is not available to all users - it is being gradually opened for different regions.Group calls can only be made by those who have installed the current version of WhatsApp.

If you need to combine more than four people in a conference, use other programs.We talked in detail about free services for video chatting in a separate article.

What is video chat

Communication plays a key role in the social life of every person.But today, thanks to the development of technology, it is possible to talk with an interlocutor on topics of interest to you online.Video chats, which are rapidly gaining popularity, will help to accomplish this.

What are they?This is a video chat that supports the playback of video and audio information over an Internet connection.Its peculiarity lies in the fact that more than two interlocutors can communicate in it.To start video chatting, you just need to have a computer with an Internet connection, a working flash-player, a webcam, a microphone and headphones.

Communication via video chat is almost in no way inferior to a conversation in ordinary life, since the atmosphere of reality is supported by visual contact. Chat roulette is especially in demand among young people, which allows you to have fun and find new friends from different parts of the world. The system of the site is designed in such a way that before you start choosing an interlocutor, you can enter the desired parameters, for example, age or country of residence. The main advantage of communication on the Internet is that it causes a lot of unusual emotions and an adrenaline rush in a person, which makes it possible to become less constrained, even for those people who are a lot of problems with shyness in real life. In other words, video chat is ready to offer everyone easy communication, which can be interrupted at any time if the course of the conversation ceases to suit you.

If you believe the statistics, then many couples in which the husband and wife are citizens of different countries were formed thanks to communication in video chats.Therefore, if you have been unable to find a soul mate in your immediate environment for a long time, or you simply do not have enough attention from the opposite sex, just go to the roulette chat.Here you will definitely find an interlocutor with whom you can have a pleasant talk and in the future organize a meeting in real life.

Also, do not forget that video chats will be an excellent solution for people who want to learn a foreign language.After all, even if you delve into the theoretical foundations every day, you will not be able to achieve the desired result without practice.Video chat is a resource that connects millions of people from different countries.Therefore, you can combine pleasant communication with the necessary language practice.

Microsoft Teams will get end-to-end encryption in July

In March of this year, Microsoft promised to endow its enterprise Microsoft Teams platform with support for end-to-end encryption in the near future.The company recently announced that the rollout of the feature will begin in early July.It will take about two weeks to fully integrate it.

End-to-end encryption is the encryption of information at its source and decryption for its intended purpose without the possibility of decryption by intermediate nodes.Microsoft Teams will use end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for ad hoc 2-party VoIP calls, allowing users to more securely transfer sensitive information such as passwords.

According to theMSPoweruserportal , this feature can be enabled by administrators for both specific users and the entire organization.Users can then enable end-to-end encryption using the End-to-End Call Encryption option under Settings -> Privacy.Call recording and transcription will no longer be available.E2EE calls will only support basic features such as audio, video, screen sharing, chat, and advanced features will not be available.

Encryption will only work if both the caller and the recipient of the call have enabled E2EE in their settings.End-to-end encryption will only be available on desktop and mobile clients, not on the web version of Teams.

Snapchat accused of fatal car accident

After three years of futile attempts to sue the popular Snapchat messenger, parents of teenagers killed in car crashes have a chance to bring the untouchable service to justice.It seems that the notorious and unwavering "Section 230" of the US Code of Laws, which exempts the owner of an Internet resource from responsibility for what users post on it, has cracked.

We will remind, in May 2022 in Walworth County, Wisconsin, three young people died in a car accident, filming themselves on Snapchat. According to the parents of one of the victims, the driver accelerated to 123 mph to capture top speed using Snapchat and share the dubious achievement with subscribers. They believe that teenagers would not do such a stupid thing if it were not for the actions of the Internet service.

The fact is that Snapchat allows you to use various filters online, including, among the popular functions, there is the ability to shoot video with a "speed filter". To do this, the program tracks the position of the device using GPS sensors and displays the speed value on the video. Parents believe that the video service should be held responsible for what happened due to the fact that it releases such tools, which means it motivates users to do desperate things in absentia.

The first attempts to at least bring Snapchat representatives to court were unsuccessful. It turns out that these kinds of tech companies fall under the protection of "Section 230" and are completely exempt from responsibility for the actions of users within the service. It doesn't matter whether it is publishing inappropriate material or using the service for entertainment purposes in a dangerous situation - as in this case. Therefore, the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit simply dismissed the application and dismissed the case without a trial.

After several years of futile attempts to bypass the notorious "Section 230", the plaintiffs tried to go from the other side - if it is believed that Snapchat is engaging users to commit any dangerous and unacceptable actions, then the case can be won in court. The service may not be responsible for the actions of users, but there will be punishment for the motivation to perform any action.

Of course, the situation has reached the point of absurdity - the law has existed since 1996, therefore, it is impossible to consider its action absolutely correct now, to put it mildly.At the same time, bureaucratic delays remain in place, and the courts cannot do anything directly in such cases.This situation has already caused a wide resonance in society, and the US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has become interested in the complicated case - this means that there is every chance of serving Snapchat with a subpoena and even winning the case in favor of the injured party.Moreover, a victory in one case may open up prospects for bringing to justice other organizations that have previously also evaded responsibility and continue to work contrary to moral laws.

Microsoft Teams will get end-to-end encryption and improved presentation capabilities

Microsoft continues to improve its corporate Microsoft Teams platform and will add several new features to it soon.Firstly, end-to-end encryption will finally appear on the platform, and secondly, the company will diversify the settings and capabilities of video conferencing.

The beta version of the end-to-end encryption feature in Microsoft Teams will appear in the first half of this year for commercial users of the platform.It will be available for unscheduled calls with two participants.In the future, it is planned to introduce end-to-end encryption for planned video conferences with a large number of participants.

Microsoft Teams does not currently support end-to-end encryption for video calls. Data is encrypted in transit and at storage, potentially leaving it possible for authorized services to access it by decrypting it. The company uses SharePoint encryption to protect the stored data, and OneNote encryption is used for notes stored in Microsoft Teams. All chat content is also encrypted during transmission and storage. Microsoft Teams' main competitor, Slack, also lacks end-to-end encryption. And the Zoom service began integrating the technology in October last year.

Three new presentation modes will also appear in the Microsoft Teams video conferencing settings.Reporter mode will allow digital content to be framed next to the speaker's face as a visual cue for the observer.A similar approach is used in television news coverage.

Standout mode allows you to place your face on top of the presented content, which is located across the entire screen area.The third side-by-side mode places the speaker's face next to the content being presented.Standout mode is coming to Microsoft Teams later this month, with the other two modes coming later.

Microsoft also launched the PowerPoint Live plugin for Teams today.It will simplify PowerPoint presentations for both the presenter and other conference participants.

Presenters can now see the chat, notes and slides in one window, and other meeting participants can independently view the presented slides.

Tinder owner buys Korean video services developer Hyperconnect for $ 1.7 billion

Match Group, which owns Tinder, has announced the purchase of Korean video services company Hyperconnect.The deal amounted to $ 1.7 billion.This is the largest acquisition in Match Group history.

Dallas Morning News

The Korean developer owns two major apps: Azar is for audio and video chatting, and Hakuna Live is for online streaming.The Korean company is profitable, with 2022 revenue reaching $ 200 million, Match Group said.This is 50% more than a year earlier.Services are especially popular in the Asian market, therefore, 75% of the revenue comes from Asian residents.

Hyperconnect is also renowned for its innovative designs.The company has created what it calls the "first mobile version" of WebRTC.It is designed for direct peer-to-peer connection of mobile users without using servers.This improves user security and reduces developer overhead.

Another technology of the Korean company makes it easier for representatives of different language groups to communicate.It allows the interlocutors to talk and correspond using real-time translation.This feature is used in the Azar service.

For what purposes Match Group acquired Hyperconnect is not specified.Techcrunch reporters speculate that the company may integrate technology into Tinder and other dating services in the future.The closing of the deal is expected in the second quarter of 2022.

Zoom was convicted of distorting statistics of active users

Zoom's video calling service does not have the 300 million daily active users that the company previously announced.The service provider acknowledged this fact after the Verge portal drew attention to the previously published official statement edited by it.

Zoom's original statement said... "over 300 million daily users."and."More than 300 million people around the world use Zoom at this difficult time" ...A day later, the message was edited.It now reads"300 Million Zoom Video Conferencing Members. "

As The Verge points out, the difference in terms of “daily active user” and “video chat participant” is enormous.In the second case, the same person can be counted several times: if you have organized five video communication sessions during the day, you will be counted as five users.“Daily Active User” is counted only once a day.It is on this indicator that the popularity of a particular service is usually calculated.Otherwise, the platform's audience will look much larger than it actually is.

Zoom edited the misleading message on April 24, only a day after the publication, which, of course, managed to scatter all over the headlines of online publications.After The Verge approached Zoom, the company immediately acknowledged the mistake.

“We're proud to help over 300 million daily video call attendees stay connected during the pandemic.In a post on our blog on April 22nd, we inadvertently referred to members as “users”.After realizing the mistake, we edited the message to “members”.This was a serious oversight on our part, ”Zoom responded to The Verge's appeal.

The online publication notes that although the company still did not provide data on the number of daily users, the growth of Zoom's audience is truly impressive.Since December last year, the number of daily videoconferencing participants has increased from 10 million to 300 million today.

The main competitors Microsoft Teams and Google Meet are lagging behind, but they are also increasing the number of active users.The daily audience of Microsoft video chats for the month increased from 70 to 75 million people.This month, the company recorded 200 million videoconferencing participants per day.

The number of Google Meet video call participants is growing by about 3 million every day to reach 100 million. Cisco's Webex collaboration application has already been used by 300 million people.And the number of registrations per day is approaching 240,000. But the company still does not provide indicators of daily active users and the number of participants in video meetings.

Google, Microsoft, Facebook are still in the role of catch-up and are trying to attract new users with free opportunities.For example, Google recently made its Meet service free.